David Guion

Writer, Editor, and Musician in Greensboro, North Carolina

I work with all kinds of information. I gather it and present it to the public as a writer, organize it as a librarian, and pass it on as a teacher.

My education is in music. I have a masters in trombone performance, a PhD in musicology, and a distinguished record of articles and reviews in professional journals. Oh, and I have written two books on the history of the trombone I also have a Master of Library and Information Science.

I have worked either full time, part time, or as a contract employee in libraries at colleges and universities, hospitals, trade associations, and corporations.

At those libraries and otherwise, I have dealt with sustainability, dentistry, law, telecommunications, public works, investment, and more. Plus I have taught adult Bible study classes for years.

I am therefore a poly-specialist, able to write knowledgeably about multiple subjects.

I can perform editorial and proofreading services in even more subjects. I have helped students write personal statements for admission to graduate school even when they seek to study subjects I don't know at all!