DM Shah Sherazi

Muscat, Oman

I am a professional electronics and embedded systems Engineer with experience in developing devices for R&D companies.

My skills include:

* Digital and analog electronic circuit design

* PCB layout, and prototype assembly (including micro-SMD components)

* Microcontroller programming (C and C++)

* FPGA design and programming (VHDL)

* Low-power design for battery-operated devices

* Sensors and control systems

As a consultant, I will serve as your temporary employee to help improve existing products, create proof-of-concept prototypes, or design for low-volume manufacturing. Have you developed a prototype for your new product using an Arduino? I can help you convert that to a manufacturable product. I design Circuit Boards (PCBs) using Altium Designer, Eagle and others. This software package allows me to provide you with complete and professional documentation, and photo-realistic 3-D drawings of your board before we commit to fabrication. Altium also interacts nicely with mechanical design, so I can make a board that fits exactly into your housing, or I can provide a 3-D mechanical model of your board so your mechanical engineers can build an enclosure to match. My training and experience in project management will also give you confidence that I understand exactly what you expect, and that I will deliver on time and on budget.

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