David Ngo

San Francisco, California, United States

Hi, David here.

I design and facilitate daily habit programs around health and wellness. My favorite habits to work on with teams or individuals are meditation, gratitude, and compassion (toward self & others).

I didn't always do this. My journey started at Stanford and in industry.

I am Stanford's first Behavior Design graduate with the mentorship and advisorship of BJ Fogg, Jeremy Bailenson, Clifford Nass, and Carol Dweck, Without their conviction in my passion and dreams, I wouldn't have been able to be here today.

When I was 20, I got my industry start as a behavior design consultant to a fortune 500 company alongside Dr. BJ Fogg. Soon after, I led the project myself with a great friend.

The next win was serving as a behavior designer at Trinity Ventures, one of the top VC firms in Silicon Valley 3000 Sandhill.

Upon my graduation at Stanford, I was accepted into Harvard Business School (2+2 program) and Stanford Graduate School of Business (Class of 2018, deferral program).

Sometime after graduation, I started a behavior design consulting firm, Simplicity Labs. I also started meditating.

My priority for meditation and helping others build their meditation habit soon surpassed my desire to run a consulting firm. When this happened, I left the firm to follow my breath and higher calling.

My life purpose:

advancing humanity by helping as many people have the daily habits of gratitude, compassion, & meditation.

Want to talk? Yes, let's at [email protected]

Written with conscious breaths & gratitude,David

  • Work
    • Behavior Designer
  • Education
    • Stanford University
    • Harvard Business School (deferral) or
    • Stanford Business School (deferral)