Diane L Nieman

Nastar Racer in the United States

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Diane L. Nieman is a lover of nature, animals, and the outdoors. Some of her favorite hobbies include: hiking, mountain biking, riding motorcycles, wake boarding, golfing, fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, and more.

Every year she enjoys traveling to California where she is able to surf along Laguna Beach and kayak through Monterey. Diane L. Nieman also travels to Wyoming every year for skiing, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

During the winter months, Diane dedicates a lot of her time to snowboarding, skiing, and spending time on the slopes. For just about 20 years, Diane Nieman has been a snowboard racer with Nastar at the Mount Holly Ski Area. Racing with Nastar, Diane was recognized as a National Championship Qualifier for five consecutive years. Nastar racing allows skiers and snowboarders of all ages and ability levels to compete with other racers from all across the globe, holding over 165,000 racer day events at 115 ski resorts.

Related to her interests in nature and the outdoors, Diane L. Nieman is a strong supporter of animal rights. She holds a great love for animals and believes it is important to care for them as well as the environments they grow and survive in. For these reasons and more, Diane Nieman is an avid supporter of the World Wildlife Fund. The World Wildlife Fund maintains the goal of protecting the future of nature through:

-Conserving forests

-Protecting healthy oceans and marine life

-Securing fresh water for people, plants, and animals

-Protecting the world’s wildlife

-Increasing food availability worldwide

-Using renewable energy