Doaa Dashoush

Supply Chain professional in New York, New York

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Doaa Dashoush's career has been focused in and around the New York area for nearly fifteen years. She has had positions in supply chain logistics as well as management, and with a number of large companies. Her current position is with Verte Mode but her past positions include GFASHION, Chanel, Verizon, Aerogroup International Inc, Omega, and Cartier. G|FASHION, specifically, is a cutting-edge luxury brand influencing the fashion world in ways never seen before. Ultimately, GFASHION does not follow trends that are here today and gone tomorrow, but the brand instead creates bespoke collections crafted by highly acclaimed designers. Doaa's work with these companies has been largely focused on different aspects of the supply chain, including inventory control, network planning, and directing, The scale of her work has been as localized as the tri-state area, and as expansive as the global supply chain. When not working, she spends most of her time with her husband and 3 children.