Dr. Karra

Scientist and Catalyst Speaker in India

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Brief description of our current work:

I. Pharmaceutical Industry and Education.

a. Bridging the knowledge gap between Pharmaceutical & Chemistry Education and the Industry;

b. Institutions-Linked-In and Multiply Socially Conscious Minds and Assure Quality of Goods & Services.

II. Public Health and Happiness

a. Providing Catalytic Health services as an Adjuvant to patients who are especially terminally ill.

b. Promoting the concepts of Balance and Synchronicity.

c. Quality of Life by Design (QLbD) services to the world youth to help understand the importance of Moderation in every aspect of life; prevent a host of diseases; strengthen foundations as part of Nation Building and thereby helping find the "path of light" and Multiply Health and Happiness - it is a collective effort and is a Meditation continuous.

III. Conscious Design: Science, Public Health, Technology, Business and Relationships.

Dr. Karra has been traveling to meet genuine listeners, wherever they are. Whether you are a group of seekers, or a social organization, or a corporation or a school/college, you are welcome to invite him in this regard to speak at your place and share concepts of Consciousness and Synchronization and multiply Quality of Life and Nation Building.

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About Dr. Karra,

Dr. Karra had an opportunity to visit many countries ( example: France, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Turkey, Dubai, USA etc.) and received many Honors / Awards (for example, CNRS-France, HAS-Hungary, RIT-Sweden, ChUT-Sweden, CSIR-NCL-India, CancerRadio-USA, Tata-ACTREC-India). He was listed in Empire Who’s Who 2004, USA (A forum for executives & professionals).

Dr. Karra was one of those blessed on earth who had the opportunity to study and Work outside India as well (for example, Europe and USA) for about a decade and half. This added an immense wisdom to his knowledge base.

email: preventivecatalyst@gmail.com

Phone: (91) 90 10 49 58 93

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