David Griffiths

Programmer and writer in the United Kingdom

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Unusually for an about.me bio, I cannot claim to be a life coach, an artisanal macha tea manufacturer or an expert in shiatsu. I do not live in a windmill, do not have a business manufacturing hobo bags which I sell on my hand-crafted etsy store. Nor do I rent out living pods on AirBnB, work as a color therapist or have dreams of opening a reiki clinic in Goa.

I am a programmer. And writer. I write code. I write words. You might have read some of either, but you probably haven't. But you really should.

I have just written Head First Android Development with my wife Dawn as well as:

Other books in the Head First series on C, Rails and Python

Courses for the O'Reilly School of Technology

Video courses for Safari, such as one about how to be agile, called The Agile Sketchpad. You should Google that. I drew it with my hands. I can draw a little.

Hey, maybe I should open an Etsy store?

  • Education
    • I never got much in the way of book learning.