Domenica Cresap

Senior Client Director in Wilmette, Illinois

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Domenica Cresap, a creative yet results-driven executive who collaborates with a diverse clientele of Fortune 500 companies, is passionate about IT transformation in the workplace. Based in Wilmette, Illinois, she is the a Supply Chain professional at Gartner, the world's leading information advisory and research company, where she solves problems at every level for executives.

Enterprise information and management, strategic sourcing, company-wide IT integration plans and more all comprise the daily challenges faced by businesses in today's world. As a trusted consultant, Domenica Cresap ensures that these problems are dealt with smoothly and efficiently. While Domenica's primry job function is consulting, she considers herself to be more than just a consultant for the businesses she works with; rather, she believes that in order to design tailored IT solutions for her clients, she needs to partner with them at an executive level.

Domenica Cresap's storied career prior to Gartner encompassed numerous industries as well as professional specialties. She has worked in restaurant management, property management, "big data" and cloud computing, and more. In every role Domenica took on, she developed some of the most crucial partnerships between major companies and improved ROI.

A former personal trainer, Domenica Cresapcontinues to pursue athletic hobbies outside of the workplace. Her two favorite activities are cycling and hiking, both of of which she does on a regular basis. The best thing about these activities, according to Domenica, are that they allow her to see new places and sightsee around the world. Domenica recently had the privilege of going on a cycling tour through Puglia, Italy which she chronicles on her blog.

When she's not working or cycling/hiking across diverse terrains, Domenica Cresap can often be found devoting her time to nonpr

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