Domenico Cafarchia

Consultant and Networker in Italia

Domenico Cafarchia

Consultant and Networker in Italia

Domenico is an epicurean entrepreneur who is changing the world through his innovative gourmet travel storytelling.

Is an experienced manager with a history of working in Ho.Re.Ca., Food Service and Hospitality and a huge areas of expertise that include wines, beers and foods, family kitchens and restaurants, farmer markets, winebars, gourmet shops and service providers.

Skilled in food counsulting, sales strategies, marketing, e-commerce, wholesale and retail markets, startups, events management, workshops, wine tasting, show cooking, locations selection, buying and procurement consulting, international supplier relations, marketing and communication, hospitality, travel influencer, educational, epicurean and experiential trips, epicurean storyteller, big data food and drink industry, investor relations and social-media networking.

Moreover, coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurs community, networking and creative input for event ideas.

Passions: 3D printing tecnologies (special applications for food and beverage industry), AI, Robotics, Praxeology, Blockchain, Biohacking, Metaphysics.

Hobby: traveller, taster, scholar, bass player, celebrity guest in a themed dinners and tastings.

Educated at the most famous food products, Domenico can offer you

unforgettable culinary experiences. By food he build a network.

Join him for dining experiences, cooking classes and food tours in Italy but also for a simply dinner.

His motto is: "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are".

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    • beer+wine+food expert
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    • IPSIA