Domina Angelina

San Diego, California

Domina Angelina

San Diego, California

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to "Read Me"

A Domina who has suddenly found herself in a sticky and complex situation: contemplating retirement from a career and lifestyle that has been a part of me for well over two decades; closer to three actually. This also means having to contemplate a real semi-vanilla life for which – truthfully - I have NO idea where to start or even how to visualize!

These last few years for me have been terrifying, electrifying, and just downright breathtaking. There have been events leaving me to cry ... laughing till I peed myself … some events leaving me in such agonizing pain I would have sold my soul twice to the prince of darkness himself to stop the horrendous pain.

My health is the reason for the semi-retirement.

Our brain is such a beautiful curse at times. Its talents and measure of wonderfulness can go unknown and be taken for granted until needed for even the simplest or perhaps most simplistic of wanted functions.

Speech. Memory. 1+1 =?

A brain aneurysm. Epilepsy.


BDSM Speaker & Educator.

Published Writer of Filth & Debauchery.

Thirty Three Years of Devious Explorations.

MS Clinical Psychology.

The Owner of Cage of The Soul.

Queen of News @ DDIMAG


Dungeon Servitus, panelist, volunteer, board member, host, performer, mentor, presenter, judge. A staunch supporter of the San Diego LBGTQ Community, The Underground Pink Society, Alt. Magazine, Harlem’s Elite, Domme Trips, DomCon, Girls Night Out, Kink in The Caribbean, We Are Leather Women, Arizona Fetish Ball, Stockroom’s Domina Panel,, San Diego League of Gentlemen (SDLOG), CineKink, The Domina Files & Beyond The Grey Workshops; Hustler Hollywood, San Diego.


Dungeon Servitus- The only Private Professional dungeon to have been awarded the Leather Sentinel award.

The only Professional Domina awarded the Leather Sentinel award.

Gifted a lifetime BDSM/Leather Community Title "Hello Kitty Community Elder" By her Peers.

Owner of Cage of The Soul. Female Fetish Erotica Site with a Voyeur Twist.

Co-Founder of two secret African-American BDSM, Women Only Societies.

Honored to be Included in the Leather Women's History Museum