Dominic London

I started where I am today on the 10th of January 2010. I was watching a YouTube video of some sort probably a video about dogs or something even more ridiculous. As I was watching I urgently wanted to write a comment and as we all know you need an account for that. So I joined and I chose the name mrbeady9 which I now regret because its not the best name in the world. A few weeks later I think I decided to get a webcam not for the intent of reviewing, but guess what I did. I filmed the review a few days later, yes it was terrible and pretty stupid, but it was my starting point.

For about 2 years I made mediocre videos that I would be ashamed to relased now, Then in 2012 my channel really came to life, more specifically it was in May because that happens to host my birthday and my birthday gift was a Nikon D3200 DSLR.
This was my golden ticket to success and the real start to my YouTube career. As I was still new to the concept of manual everything my videos were a bit out of focus and not the best. It took me a few months to get around this new technology which I had never used before.

Once I was ready I started pumping videos with much bigger and better value. I reviewed, the new iPad, the Nikon D3200, the Zoom H1 and many more products. So that brings me to December 2012 when I reached a goal I had set to get 100 subscribers. Soon after I was partnered!

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