Dominic Aldini

Hello everybody. My name is Dom and I am a current student at MSU. My hobbies include reading, writing scripts, watching movies, playing various instruments, and being a good student. I love video games and one of my favorite quotes is "Im gunna make him an offer he cant refuse" (Don Vito). Love those old time movies

My favorite game series is The Elder Scrolls and Kingdom Hearts series. FYI

My true passion is creating films and directing plays and such. My dream is to one day be a big Hollywood producer and director and hopefully one day win an Academy Award.

I have already started my first script which involves a mideval era hero with a twist in reality and epic plot.

I get much of my inspiration from watching Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and learning much about ancient and mideval history

Also i am a big gamer and love Elder Scrolls.

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    • Full Time Student
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    • Currently going to MSU for Media and Info