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My name is Dominic Brin. I am from Canada and I have lived here my whole life along with my family. I very much enjoy playing video games and sketching. I really enjoy building models and I find warfare/history related concepts particularly interesting. I also truly enjoy spending time with all animals (particularly cats) and I find them very interesting and/or fascinating.

As for important events the vacations I have experienced are a major candidate. I also would say that I have yet to experience any major events or achievements either other than reaching max rank in Battlefield 1, but I do intend to. I was quite proud of the fact that I was able to buy myself an Xbox but that is kind of negated by the fact that right after I realized that I could have bought a PC instead so that made me quite sad.

As for major obstacles I wouldn't say that I have faced what many would consider anything major. Though if I had to pinpoint one obstacle that really inhibited me is that it seemed like in many cases my opinion wasn't really valued or that I wasn't necessarily very important in the grand scheme of things. Through these experiences I have come to accept these facts and they don't really bug me anymore. From various other things I have also learned to carefully consider my actions and the things I say because someone always goes against you so its better to think it through and look at both sides (except for a few like the plague of social justice nonsense of course).

From my experiences I have learned that I am honestly kind of bored with many things. I often try to seek out some way to stay entertained but it generally just ends up with me spending money on things such as games that I don't even really want to play. This also ties into one of my major obstacles. Though I have learned from reflecting on my actions that I am often quite rational and generally like to base my decisions on logic rather than heart. I also learned that I am quite introverted most of the time and like to remain quiet but that does not imply that I fail to think matters through and form opinions. I can be quite outspoken only around people I am truly comfortable around.

My world view would probably be that the world takes ever little thing too seriously and people get triggered way too easily. It really bugs me how so many people have to live their lives catering to other people's feelings and I feel that this infringes on free speech.