Dominic Briscoe

Auctioneer Dominic Briscoe owns National Estate Marketing, a private firm operating out of Hackensack, New Jersey. With a reputation for applying individual, innovative solutions to match the scenario in front of him, Dominic Briscoe specializes in brokering the sale of extensive art collections and real estate properties, and has frequently overseen the liquidation of several multimillion-dollar estates.

His skill as an art auctioneer can be seen in his many high-profile successes. He liquidated the art holdings of the Nederlands Credit Bank, the Royal Bank of Canada, and the Izmir Chamber of Commerce in Turkey. Dominic Briscoe also offers his services as an auctioneer to private individuals looking to sell their large art collections. He recently liquidated the holdings of Hamilton Somerset, one of the United Kingdom’s more prominent private merchant banks.

Dominic Briscoe has proven himself to be an equally successful auctioneer when it comes to matters of real estate. Within the United States alone, Dominic Briscoe has sold a range of notable estates, including the Perrier Estate in New Hope, Pennsylvania; the Bacardi Estate in McLean, Virginia; and one of the Duke of Saxony’s 14,000-square-foot houses in Dallas, Texas.

Dedicated to using his talents as an auctioneer in support of others, Dominic Briscoe assists in the operations of several charitable endeavors. Dominic Briscoe has hosted multiple charity auctions to raise funds for breast cancer research and treatment. He also served as the auctioneer of the charity auction for the first AIDS clinic in Houston, Texas.

Dominic Briscoe also carefully ensures that his duties as an auctioneer leave plenty of time to spend with his family. Married for 30 years, he shares his excitement and expertise with his children through a variety of hobbies. Dominic Briscoe enjoys teaching his children how to cook, and often takes his son out for targeting shooting. He has also long enjoyed traveling through the landscape of pristine mountains. In his youth, he learned to ski in some of the finest mountains of the world while completing his education in Switzerland. Today, he prefers horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains.