Dominick Dibona

Novelist in Piscataway Township, New Jersey

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Dominick Dibona is a Freelance novelist who covers all the genres. He writes for the University of Minnesota, NY since 2008 on freelancing basis. He conducts an extensive market research to produce best write-ups whether these are blogs or publications on a daily basis. This helps him stay updated with the trends of writing. He seeks the ideas from the different sources of writing to make his novels and publications effective.

He has polished his writing skills to a great extent that his subjects vary and may complement the nature of the content. Irrespective of the content being issued in the public or personal interest, Dominick ensures the theme of the blog, novel or publication is retained rightly. He establishes the connect among his readers by editing, revising and reviewing his content. The entire process of reviewing the writeups before they are published has brought him recognition.

He manages and maintains financial records, checks contracts and files tax returns. Dominick possesses excellent research skills pertaining to literary and business aspects. His self-discipline and time management skills as well as dedicated approach towards writing has enabled him to produce factual information.

Dominick attends workshops and conferences regularly to focus on the theme of his writing. He also creates, visualizes and works over some activities for boosting career opportunities. He assists students in completing their research work or with content work to be published in the academic books or journals.