Dominick Chen

B. 1981, Tokyo. French citizen. Living in Tokyo. BA Design/MediaArts, UCLA MA Interdisciplinary Information Studies, Univ. of Tokyo Director at NPO Creative Commons Japan Co-founder, Dividual Inc. Selected Publications "Future of Creative Commodities in the Coded Cultures", in "Coded Cultures - New Creative Practices out of Diversity" , Springer (2011.03) "Autonomous Architecture" in "Corpora in Si(gh)te Book", doubleNegatives Architecture (2008.10) "コミュニケーションとしての統治と時間軸の設計" in "いきるためのメディア―知覚・環境・社会の改編に向けて", Shunju-sha (2010.08) Projects Creative Commons Japan TypeTrace Rigureto INTO INFINITY