Dominick Dibona

Computer Support Specialist in Fulton, Maryland

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Dominick Dibona is a Computer Support Specialist in WOOD Consulting Services Fulton, Maryland. He has been actively serving his clients since 2008. He has always played a significant role in offering the best routine maintenance to his organization such as creating file backups on the network. He sets up equipment for smooth employee use while assuring that proper installation of cable, operating systems, and appropriate software has been carried out. Dominick is familiar with technical manuals and hence, confers with the users in order to perform computer diagnostics.

His expertise in technical background helps him in investigating and resolving problems further providing technical assistance and support to the users. He usually works in his organization’s IT department and helps the IT staff by analyzing, troubleshooting and offering advice as well as assistance to the users and organizations pertaining to computer network issues. In this process of assistance, he uses the reliable and effective computer software or equipment.

The computer maintenance service of Dominick Dibona can be sought daily, weekly or a monthly. This maintenance is essential for an organization’s disaster recovery initiatives. Solving an IT problem promptly is essential for an organization as it depends on its network system by and large. Dominick assists the users of organization through phone, email, or with his physical visits to the organization.