Quang Nguyen

Ho Chi Minh City

Quang Nguyen was born in Buon Ma Thuot, DakLak (in the highland) on Dec 5th, 1993. His stubbornness has always made it difficult for his traditional mother to teach him to follow the path caused by social pressure. Deep down, Quang knew his heart desired more than that: to leave his footprint on the world. Even as a young boy, he had big dreams - work for the World Bank, become a businessman, wear suits to work, travel the world and explore different culture.

Moving to Ho Chi Minh City meant a closer step to the future. However, from the very first year in Foreign Trade University, Quang could not find any reason why he was there listening to economic theories. He felt a sense of uncertainty about the future as well as the path he always thought was set for him. After one year, it was AIESEC that found him and since then, the open door to many of his childhood dreams become crystal clear.

One and a half year continuously going all-out to succeed in this organization took Quang up to the National Level where he currently works with a team of 14 from 6 different nationalities. It has been by far the most challenging with rewarding experience in his life. Every ounce of energy which he put in this experience will give back twice as much.

When all are said and done, Quang cares deeply about those he loves and he will always be thankful to those who have and continue to support him. Quang makes the best out of any situation and never hesitates to enjoy life and have fun among hours of hard work.