Dominic Pote

Nottingham, UK

Working with an experimental photographic (non-digital) process, developed over the past 12 years, I make large-scale panoramic works. Almost painterly in style, my photographs are made using a custom-made film camera; each image captured on a single piece of film. My work has been exhibited widely over the past 12 years and my work is held in many public, corporate and private art collections.

I have created artwork for many interior design and architectural projects and my work has been particularly well received in the healthcare sector where my work has been commissioned for numerous new build projects.

In my photographs I want my subjects to come alive and to express the feeling of light and colour as a painter does with paint on canvas. I want to convey the feeling of traveling through a landscape, the force of the wind or the spray of the sea. I want to make works which are closer to the actual experience of time, to express the moment in time as well as the passage of time and for this all to happen on one piece of film with no interference other than my own movement.

My work has been exhibited in the UK and abroad and commissioners include Barclays Bank, The British Council, P+O, Experian and many UK hospitals and health centres.

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