Dominic Scali

Marketing enthusiast + Las Vegas Food & Beverage Pro, Dominic Scali is Founder of The Vegas Foodie - 'A foodie's guide to Sin City.' Established in late 2010, TVF has become a go-to reference for for not only a local audience, but a hungry (and growing) tourist demographic. TVF keeps its content 'fresh' highlighting amazing bites + bevies currently being served in Vegas. In just a little over a year's time, he is now considered amongst the 'Who's Who' in the Vegas F+B media scene.

APP-ETIZING. Marrying his curiosity for mobile marketing with TVF's ever-growing foodie population, he has now put wheels in motion for a social application that will attempt to build a community of 'foodies on the go'. CLUBFOODIE sets out to build a niche, specializing in the foodie application market - rewarding those with tasty schwag, user specific deals + More. Users are urged to share exceptional mobile photographs of great bites + bevies, which will then be rated and shared.

Las Vegas will be the debut city. Look for the CLUBFOODIE app to debut late- 2012 on both iPhone + Droid mobile devices.