Dominika Jasova

Atlanta, GA

Hi everyone,

my name is Nika and I played college tennis in Georgia, USA. I am originally from Slovakia, Europe and I have been playing tennis for over 15 years (travelled around the world to play at different tournaments) and finished with my bachelor's degree in marketing at Brenau University! I am now getiing my MBA degree from Valdosta State University. I love:

reading, english, fashion and design, sports, running, fitness, outdoors, hiking, seaside and ocean, food and cooking, exploring new cultures, travelling, music (rap, hip hop, techno, pop music) summer/fall season and of course palm trees!

I already visited----------------------------------

Egypt, Tunisia, Australia, Fiji, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, USA (California, Idaho, Washington, Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama, South and North Carolina, Hawaii, Oregon, New York, Connecticut, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania), Greece (Rhodes Island and Crete) , Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Bosnia & Hercegovina, France

I speak:

slovak, czech and english fluently and un petit peu of german, polish and french just in case lol (you never know where you about to travel)


management, finance, marketing and PR, new product ideas, advertising, creativity, developing new things, promoting good stuff :)

  • Education
    • Brenau University