Dominika Juillet

Los Angeles, Vancouver, Rome

When I was little, I wanted to be a secret agent..

Though I got approached to model a lot, I got bored being the pretty girl sitting on a chaise lounge; I wanted to jump on the horse, fire the laser, launch the booster, heist the catwalk and make the final speech...

I like to play roles which mix beauty and action, intellect and defiance, rebelliousness and good intentions. (5th Element, Alphaville, Hannie Caulder, Gia and Amelie are
inspirations). I think to be an interesting actress you should lead an interesting life interested in those around you.

Film making can be used to inspire and motivate viewers to reconsider their lives: issues of the environment and cultural tolerance are of special interest to me.

I also love dogs, big ones - and giraffes. I signed on as the face of an eco-couture jewelry line because I believe in forward-thinking innovation; there is no reason to think that being eco isn't also beautiful, racy and edgy. Look at Tesla.

I like to be challenged and I like to push the expectations
of audiences and challenge them back. I like comic books and open construction sites, couture and weird gravity-defying gadgets. I think we live in a time when ingenuity is golden and possibilities are endless for humans young and old; it's important to consider what of the old traditions are worth keeping but also finding a universal language that connects everybody. I believe in courtship.

Nanoo nanoo.

  • Education
    • Philosophy degree