Dominique Chatterjee

Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I'm Dominique. I like lots of things – deep conversation, avant garde performance art, really good food – but top of the list is language, one of our limited means of making sense of the world. That's how I came to be an editor and writing coach. Well, that and my love of helping other people learn to effectively communicate, both inwardly and out.

I also write about the many things I research for fun, including dessert, nutrition (see previous), art, and sometimes just life in general.

When I'm not at the computer obsessing for one reason or another about words, I'm often hanging out with other acrobats (quite literally) or practicing aerial yoga. I also do volunteer work as an advocate for healing justice, especially for mental health in disadvantaged communities.

[Background poem/image by Derek Beaulieau, an incredible poet and publisher who resides in Calgary, Canada]

  • Education
    • Portland State University