Dominique Wilson

Writer in New York

Dominique Wilson

Writer in New York

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Now that I've pulled you in with my awesome hair

I hope you have some time to spare.

I'm taking a risk and creating this page

With the hopes of networking and finding a screenwriting job that pays.

I recently graduated from DeSales

With a Bachelors degree in Television and Film.

Eventually, I'd like to go to NYU,

But that's on hold for a year or two.

Right now I am employed at a local supermarket

That caters to its neighboring pests.

My true dream is to write films and television shows.

But I'm realistic so I just go with the flow.

In the meantime, I will continue to write scripts.

Upon completion I shall submit, submit, submit!

I hope you will consider me to be on your team.

At this point, I will really take anything.

If you're not interested, that is very much okay.

Hopefully this poem made your day!

  • Education
    • DeSales University