Domino Duhan


Dom started out as a derivatives trader for Bank of Toyko-Mitsubishi back in the early 90's and after seeing the emergence of the internet he quickly moved into the sector.

Dom was previously a director of Three’s A Crowd PLC and instrumental in its flotation. He has also been head of digital production for Exposure, a global leading integrated agency. He is the founder of the start up OK YO ( and founded of the most successful virtual racing team in the world! Phew!

Dom was the Business Director for Slightly Mad Studios and built Gamagio the mobile and social sister-company, he successfully brought SKiD Racer to Google Chrome platform and worked extensively with IP’s such as the Walking Dead.

He then moved back into digital as Digital Director for innovision - a leading experiental agency, create strategy and digital campaigns across some of the largest Olympic events.

Dom now consults in the digital and gaming space, actively engaging brands and games.