Dominic DiMatteo

Written for my trip to Judge in Bulgaria

Dominic Vincent DiMatteo aka B-boy DOMkey has been dancing for almost a decade. Like many others before him, he began B-boying as a hobby. 3 years into the scene, after his first battle, he recognized his love for the dance and in the following years has become one of the most dynamic dancers in the game today. Recognized by his ultra clean yet insanely vicious, versatile style DOMkey has become one of the Legendary Lionz of Zion's most respected members.

Representing in the Philidelphia PA area, DOMkey has performed through out the world and has won numerous competitions. Some of his more famous titles are the B-boy Ho Down 2VS2 2007 champions and the Crafty Bastards 2007 champ where he single handedly won it alone in this widely anticipated East Coast crew competition. Besides as a competitive dancer, he has also built a reputable name as a judge in the scene when he is not on the battle grounds.

DOMkey has continued to grow as a dancer, never following the easy path, he has created a unique style of his own. Passionate in the culture he is a true artist in the B-boy art form.