Alex Domoracki

Designer, Student, and Artist in Columbus, Ohio

I’m Alex Domoracki, I’m a fashion major at the Columbus College of Art & Design.I am the education co-president of the Columbus College of Art & Design’s Queer Alliance, the most active club on campus. As the education co-president I help provide LGBTQAI+ students with a safe space and educate students about the LGBTQAI+ community through events help on campus. As a fashion major I am highly interested in gender neutral fashion, embellishments, textiles, and the environmental impact that the fashion industry has. To me gender neutral fashion can be more than masculin, baggy clothing, that lacks color and pattern, it is a garment that is meant for anyone to wear, no matter what gender that person identifies as. I want to design garments that reflect that and make gender neutral fashion fun, interesting and refreshing while also making efforts to make my garments in an environmentally conscious way.

  • Education
    • Columbus College of Art and Design