Dom Rosato

Swindon, Wiltshire, England

I am happily married to my wife Susan and we have three beautiful children. My first born son Jonjoe is 7 years old and my twins Jamie (boy) and Chloe are 5 years old.

I have been in sales and customer service all my life and am a highly experienced recruitment consultant. I now work with the long term unemployed, helping them to get back into sustainable work, which is very rewarding.

For me life is all about helping people and having fun while I am doing it. If that means helping to coach a candidate so they can nail their job interview, or helping a small business take on their first member of staff then I will be smiling :)

I like to think people who know me would say I am a fun and friendly person. I am usually the person cracking jokes when I am out and I have no problems starting a conversation with complete strangers. I am constantly on a diet and run or do some other form of exercise regularly to try and stay un-spherical. I am unfortunately alwaysy thwarted in my quest for a six pack by the fact I love cooking, fine food and anything sweet and full of sugar! (but lifes about enjoying it right?)

I enjoy nothing more than a hot sunny day outside with friends cooking a BBQ and drinking some cold beers. My hobbies are my family, running, hiking & wild-camping. I also voulenteer as a football manager for Highworth town juniors under 8's. Which is hardwork, but great when you see the youngsters having fun, making friends and also developing in confidence and abilty.

I've jumped out of a plane, I've swam with dolphins, my wife and I were married by the beach in Jamaica, I've experienced the birth of all my children and on a very hot day in 2009 I completed the London Marathon running for the NSPCC. All of which were amazing events in my life, which I would like to add too!

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