I write with a passion, a passion to have a perfect paragraph. this passion gives me an adrenalien rush. the adrenalien rush i get is like doing a backflip, driving fast, flying, and a lot more. But nothing gives me an adrenalien rush like writing a perfect paragraph

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Never Shall I Forget
In desperate times, people question their faith, emotions, and it becomes a struggle to survive. One would think people would try and fight, but no, people just give up. The people that were not killed already only think about death and how soon it will come. But there is one person that was not thinking too much about death and his name is Elie.
Elie Wiesel writes, “God is testing us. He wants to see whether we are capable of overcoming our base instincts, of killing the Satan within ourselves. We have no right to despair. And if he punishes us mercilessly, it is a sign that he loves us that much more…” (45). Elie believes god is trying to see the good from the bad. But he still wonders why this is happening to him. It is as if he knows god is not there for them but he does not want to bring that to reality. It is difficult to keep any faith in his god now.
Elie and his family are taken from their home and brought to a concentration camp in Auschwitz, “You are in Auschwitz. It is a concentration camp. Here, you must work. If you don’t, you will go straight to the chimney. Work or crematorium-the choice is yours” (39).. It was an emotional event for all of them. He is frightened and confused and then is told that he must be a good worker in order to stay alive. These harsh words made him shiver with fear.
Elie’s father is giving up any hope of survival. “Don’t yell my son…Have pity on your old father…Let me rest here…a little…I beg of you, I’m so tired…no more strength…” (105). Elie’s father had become childlike from his exhaustion. He was extremely weak and vulnerable and just wants to rest and maybe even die. Elie feels bad for his father but he yells at him to keep going and not give up. It becomes a struggle for all of them to survive in what feels like a horrible nightmare.

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