Don Cummins

Public Speaker, Software Engineer, and Life Coach in Tampa Bay Florida

I am blessed to be living my dreams. At one time my life was more like a nightmare - I have been through much adversity, including addiction, isolation and long periods of imprisonment. But I finally accepted that I was not the failure that I imagined myself to be, and I realized that the true me is far greater than I am even capable of imagining. This began a process for me of moving from homelessness to having a loving home, from having no friends to having genuine connections with others, and from always being needy to having an abundance to give.

Life is wonderful, and although the lessons may be painful at times, we all are blessed to take part in the creation of our own destinies and enrichment of each other's lives.

I am a blues guitarist and vocalist. I am a songwriter and home studio engineer. I am a public speaker who visits detox centers and other places of desperation to share a message of hope. I like to write and create, and I am working toward a degree in programming. I like to design websites. I enjoy helping people.

If you can see it in your mind, you can have it in your hand.