don garcia

I'm a computer-person. Yep. The best word to describe me. I am really fond browsing the net, website (and application) development, testing some codes, hacking (mild hacking :p - tweaking), and other stuffs that my pc can do. I'm a semi-Advanced Windows User.

Professionally, I work as a programmer in a company here in the Philippines - Eway Business Inc. Being a programmer in Eway, I've been exposed in web development and system/application maintenance. I, together with my team, develop and maintain several websites for our clients. One of this is Livshop Online - a b2c ecommerce website that can be found thru this link - Livshop Online. We also maintain the company's CRM. And I am responsible in the development of Eway Business Inc Corporate Website -

I am open for freelance jobs! :]

You can check my portfolio by following this link: or visit my blog

  • Work
    • Programmer - Eway Business Inc
  • Education
    • BS Computer Engineering - Polytechnic University of the Philippines