Don Carlo

Born in the midst of the Gulf War, Carlo Hanna was exposed to the sounds of warfare along with the prolonged corruption that trailed after. Seeking a way to escape the unbearable lifestyle, his family decided to flee the country by any means possible. After a journey filled with pain and agony, Carlo and his family finally settled in Canada, hungry for the endless opportunities that were not available in Iraq. Growing up as a Canadian teenager, Carlo was surrounded by the corruption that came with the western developed countries; drugs and fraud. Having overcome the struggles that once plagued his life in Baghdad, Carlo had enough experience to keep it 110, a metaphor that symbolizes dedication and commitment beyond the limits of an individual. As a creative and expressive person, Carlo transformed his thoughts and feelings into words and lyrics that filled a notepad through the ink flowing. Realizing that there is always hope through every situation, Carlo decided to become the motivating medium between those who have been in similar situation saturated with struggle. Founding 110 studios, Carlo eventually morphed into a lyrical guru, where he has known as Don Carlo. With a unique twist put on words, Don Carlo’s music continues to have a powerful impact on listeners through the pain that is embedded in every syllable. With hopes to give a reaching hand through music, Don Carlo continues to portray his life and story in the way that he knows best, raw, unfiltered music.