Don Crane

Consultant in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Brainstorm Facilitator

If you’re responsible for your organization’s success, you need to out-think, out-maneuver and out-perform your competitors every day.


Don's brainstorming sessions are designed to solve a real problem or leverage a real opportunity that your team has identified as critical. Every possible business issue, problem, situation or opportunity is fair game. For example…

• Identify new markets for old products and services

• Find ways to sustain employee morale and productivity

• Take advantage of emerging technologies and media

• Engage, serve and satisfy your customers in new ways


You and your colleagues will generate dozens of ideas, evaluate the most promising, and develop an implementation plan for the one you feel has the greatest potential.


Idea Generation: you and your team tackle an issue with a variety of proven, problem solving tools and creative thinking techniques.

Idea Evaluation: building a customized evaluation matrix, your team discovers which of your solutions merits serious consideration based on a well-defined criteria, not personal whim or comfort levels.

Idea Implementation: the group designs a five-point action plan for gaining acceptance and approval of your best idea.


I've led successful group brainstorming sessions for a wide range of organizations including: 99 Restaurants & Pubs, ABC Television, Boston College - Carroll School of Management, Genesis Elder Care, International Society for Performance Improvement, Sun Life of Canada and Tufts Health Plan.

These sessions have been described by participants as “helpful, valuable, eye-opening, liberating, and energizing.”