Don Krajewski

Indianapolis, IN

Fine art portrait and commercial photographer based in the Indianapolis, IN, area that specializes in artistic people photographs and fashion photography. Available for assignments throughout the United States.

(317) 537-7002

In what seems like a previous life, I have worked on computing technologies such as CADD (you see your UPS driver using the system), the Internet (various projects), various custom accounting packages on CP/M-DOS-MacOS-Windows-UNIX-Linux, medical imaging technologies (PET, CT, MRI, Etc. in clinical and preclinical trials), and several engineering applications of computing technology. I was a consultant and worked at three startup companies (FC Business systems, Fielding Enterprises, Technology Advancement Group) and other organizations as a consultant. I also have a small stint being trained in rescue including a few years of experience.

In my spare time (when I had some), I sketch with graphite and charchoal. I also create heirloom jewelry for my wife and certain other special people in my family and for close friends.

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