Don McDonald

Boca Raton, FL

Business executive with significant technical, functional and Multi-cultural experience who has consistently improved profitability on a year over year basis. Recognized as an innovative; detail orientated, turn-around change expert, as well as a lean Six Sigma leader with ability to move between strategies and hands-on execution with ease. Has utilized innovative approaches to funding development, set and met aggressive goals, established robust measurement systems, developed global teams and leveraged advanced technologies to drive improvements in Engineering, Operations and Suppliers throughout various positions at both GE and UTC.

Over 10 years as a practicing Lean Six Sigma leader with many transformational results that have both established and exceeded stretch goals. Experiences includes: running a collection of Global Aerospace companies with sales exceeding a Billion US$, leading Multi-functional and global teams responsible for New Product introductions, Cost-reductions Quality and Lean Six Sigma across Aerospace, Industrial, Commercial , Military Security, and Residential products.


Lean Six Sigma, global businesses, developing and commercializing new products; strategic planning; Contract manufactures, operational improvements in delivery, quality and costs; global talent; multi-functional / disciplinary leadership, partnerships and external funding, R&D leadership.
Semiconductor, Flexible AC Transmission Systems, Circuit Breakers, Motors, Power Electronics, Transmission & Distribution equipment, Power Generation, Bomb Detection, digital video, Sensors.