Don Ramer

Don Ramer began his study of ideation and thought leadership at an early age. He was fortunate to connect with a group of people who studied the history of world-class ideas in his early 20s.

After nearly 20 years of study, he used the techniques of critical thinking to create a multi-million dollar enterprise that made the world smaller, smarter and better by connecting candidates with corporate career opportunities across the globe.

Don is an expert in practically applying ideation to achieve innovation through influence, and is passionate about the notion that ideas rule the world. He says, "I believe that our world is made of thought and made up by our collective thinking. Just the other day I was talking with my colleagues at Thought Leaders Global about how ideas drive all the commercial success and social influence we see emerging in the world around us. It’s kind of like the relationship of power plants to light bulbs. Nearly all of us see the light but we rarely take thought of the power source."