DON Weissman

Doctor, Life Coach, and Director in Los Angeles, California

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Outstanding track record of success helping LifeScience Companies and Healthcare Institutions, build and accelerate innovative product development and market share for patient benefits, society and stakeholder values.

Exceptional relationships, education, presentation and communication skills for Key Opinion and Thought Leader advocacy, Advisory Board development and collaborative relationships strengthening internal and external partnerships, top tier Academic Medical Centers, Physicians of Influence, Hospitals, Companies and Institutions of Excellence.

Don is passionate and proactive about the quality of life and patient care; bringing innovative, evidence based medicines, science and therapeutics to key opinion leaders, influential physicians, allied healthcare professionals and top tier institutions for insights, applications & advocacy for commercial optimization and market leadership.

Don serves as a panel member and grant analyst for the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health & the Department of Health and Human Services in biomedical research, diagnostics, genetics-genomics and therapeutics.

In-depth knowledge & understanding of market drivers and dynamics including, clinical trials, medical and regulatory affairs, pharmaco economics and vigilance for provider, payer and plan adoption.

Excellent experience, proven success and relationships with the FDA, FTC and CMS for coverage, reimbursements, resource allocations and guidelines. Honored society, academy and board memberships for strategic CME, regional and national meetings, symposia, mobile and social media applications with validation.

Bringing LifeScience and Healthcare leaders, companies and institutions together to accelerate market leadership for innovative therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and services the yield better outcomes for patients, caregivers and stakeholders.


Optimize patient well-being with excellence in clinical, financial & operational outcomes.

Accelerate product and market share with an unwavering commitment to better patient outcomes, society, caregiver and stakeholder values.