Dona Hornung

Director and Nurse in Evans, Georgia

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Hello! My name is Dona Palmer Hornung. I have a wonderful husband, four amazing children and a delightful grandson. The greatest gifts in my life are my faith and family. I have been a registered nurse for 25 years and am now pursuing my baccalaureate degree through the External Degree Program at the University of Alabama. With our children either through college with an established foundation or well on their way to meeting their educational goals, I am truly excited to be back on my personal journey.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I chose my "" profile with that in mind. My nursing career and humble upbringing has taught me so many things, taken me down many roads, and opened my heart to explore each patient, family member, or friend's situation and to serve with compassion. Communication is the key to any successful relationship/situation, and it involves not only speaking/writing, but also listening and sometimes simply remaining silent.

This beautiful young lady with whom I am standing, is one of the most wonderful examples of how effective communication can be. After four years of letter writing and sending pictures, my husband and I took our first mission trip to a very small country near the southern coast of Africa … Swaziland. Nearing the end of our trip, thinking we would not be able to see our special friend, we literally met while walking down a dirt road to a homestead. At the moment our eyes met, she called me by name and told me she was glad to see me, “…in Africa”. Wow! What a miraculous experience!

Personally and professionally, you will find that I am a passionate advocate for what is right. I will work hard and support those who are willing to work hard with me. I have a tendency to over extend myself, but am working on better managing my time. I believe that complacency is the degradation of success, and all children should be reminded that college in your twenties is much easier than when you are knocking on the door of fifty!

Thank you for allowing me to tell you a little bit about me… Dona

  • Education
    • Georgia Southwestern State University
    • University of Alabama