Bernadette Donahue

Irving TX

Hello! Thank you for visting my page! My greatest passion is helping others find freedom in their finances and health. What sounds good to you? Extra income or weight loss?

My journey with Advocare started October 2014. After 3 years with constant pain and no energy I decided to try something new. I was told that I had acid reflux back when the pain started, but nothing seemed to help. Over the course of the next three years my acid reflux got worse and I began to gain weight, even though I had not changed my diet or exercise routines. At this point I began trying every diet/weight loss solution I could get my hands on. However, after each one I would gain the weight back and then some. In August of 2014, I was diagnosed with chronic constipation and IBS, on top of my acid reflux. At this point, I was tired of feeling bad and tired of having no energy. So I decided to switch my diet to paleo since many people use it to treat IBS and it has helped people lose weight. A combination of medicine for the chronic constipation and the paleo diet made me lose 12 pounds in a month, but then I was stuck. I stayed at the same weight and still had no energy and daily IBS flare ups. One of my good friends then introduced me to the Advocare income opportunity which changed my life! It gave me hope for a better future where I could be MY OWN BOSS and not be stressed and tied down by a corporate job. So, I started out with the 24 day challenge which was amazing. I felt so energized from the energy drink “spark” and the other supplements made me feel like a new person, it gave me my life back! I lost 8 inches on my waist and 7lbs in 24 days! I also went down a size and a half in my jeans! The really amazing part is that I am still losing weight and feeling energized! Advocare has given me my life back!

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