Joe Donahue

Writer in Churchville, Pennsylvania

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What’s up, I’m Joe, and I do a lot of writing. I've predominantly written for the Order of the Arrow, Scouting's National Honor Society, where I served as a youth member of the content team for four years. After aging out, I've spent the last two years advising other youth on how to make their articles shine; I've been able to draw on experience in a professional newsroom via an internship with my local CBS station to help. I'm passionate about Scouting, and even spent my first year out of college as a professional Scouter, heading up my local council's marketing operation. As a member of Ajapeu Lodge 2, Washington Crossing Council, I serve as an associate lodge adviser. I've been recognized with the Ajapeu Lodge Youth of the Year Award in 2010, as well as the Order of the Arrow's Vigil Honor in 2011 and its Founder's Award in 2013.

I currently do writing of a more technical nature. I spent four years in the IT department at my alma mater, Saint Joseph's University (The Hawk Will Never Die!), which helps me be able to explain technology to those that aren't as adept at it as I am.