I love contemplating things. (The word "things" is used here as a handy catchall for (ill)designed products, objects and processes, and most of what are promiscuously labled as as "services".) Such contemplation frequently gives rise to curative fixes.

This exhaustive, never ending and often thankless task involves countless hours of reading, digestion, human observation, elaboration of fixative theses, the subsequent publication of which, be it oral or digital, can easily result in a not insignificant diminishment of one's circle, given the discomfiting slant it often poses to most people's insufficiently informed view of the world.

This constant sifting through the murky morass of modern life in search of enlightenment, rectification and redemption sometimes leads to satisfying minor victories, and much more frequently to the unearthing of real treasures, such as reading Andrew Miller's amazing first novelIngenious Pain, watching Andrey Zvyagintsev's epicLeviathan, or seeing Gerhard Richter's incredibleBetty, among countless other discoveries, affirmations and revelations.