Donald Gallagher

His four children Jake, Maggie, Summer and Josie are sad to announce the passing of their loving father, Donald E. Gallagher II. Don passed away peacefully Saturday, January 17, 2015 at the family home in Spotsylvania, VA. Don was surrounded by family and loved ones as he took his last breath late that evening. Donald inspired everyone in the way he fought cancer so bravely, positively and with an unforgettable sense of humor.

Donald was a loving father, son, and friend. His loved ones will remember him as hard working, funny, smart, and personable. He loved the outdoors, he spent all of his leisure time hiking, kayaking, biking, and when he became sick, he took up gardening to pass his time. Donald's four children will never forget the adventurous kayak trips they took together.

Don faught so hard against his cancer, never once let it get him down. He refused to give into the pain and fear that cancer carries with it. He was a strong man mentally and physically. He had such an incredible will to live, to provide and protect for his children.

Don did everything he couold for his children. He worked hard to provide a comfortable life for his kids. Being a single father, he worked long hours to ensure he would be able to give his children all the best opportunities. Don encouraged his son Jake, and his three daughters, Maggie, Summer, and Josie to be the best that they could be. He was their greatest supporter in school, life, and especially sports.

Don was immensly enthusiastic in watching his children play sports. He was always so proud when watching Jake play hockey, and all three of his girls play volleyball.

It has always been important to Don that his children attend college. Don knew that a college education and degree was important in securing his children's future. When Jake graduated, Don wasted no time framing and hanging his diploma. His two daughters, Maggie and Summer are currently in college. Some of Don's fondest memories was driving his girls up to college and helping them move in. Josie, the youngest daughtger, is a senoir in highschool and is looking forward to graduation and starting college.

Don's three girls would love to honor their father by graduating from their respective universities. However, they have run into financial difficulties with the passing of thier father. A college fund has been set up and a link to donate is listed below,