Donald Miskel

Chicago, Il

I am a minister and martial artist. I am licensed and ordained and a pastor and chaplain.

I am a published poet and enjoy writing short stories, noval length manuscripts, articles, etc.

I have been involved in the martial arts for over 56 years and I head the Black Lotus Martial Arts Association (Judan Shodai Soke). I'm also a Patriarch and the Head of Family of the Black Dragon Fighting Society. I am the Traditional Historian for Worldwide Dojo and have been inducted into the Museum of Sports Karate as a history general. I have advanced black belt rank, teache'rs certification or the equivalent in several martial arts. I am certified as a Hanshi and Professor of the Arts and have Phds in Martial Science and Martial Art Education.

I am a Christian martial artist and use the martial arts as a tool for minestry, mentoring troubled young men and women.

I can be contacted at

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    • ThD, PhD, MDiv.