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Are you passionate about Buddhist art and wish to acquire something related to it, something that is filled with culture, religion and history? In this case, you found the right place: Buddha Gallery, which is a Bali Gallery located on the premier retail area of central Seminyak, located in JI Basangkasa. You can also find this gallery in the virtual space, where you have the opportunity to explore the collections available at the gallery. Having the chance to see the collections displayed on the online gallery’s website allows you time to see all the items available and to decide which the best choice for you is in matter of Buddhist art.

Passion for Buddhist Art

This Bali Gallery is especially designed for Buddhist art, so that it encompasses a wide collection of authentic antique and contemporary statues, sculptures and other items representative for the Buddhist art. This gallery is a true paradise for those passionate about Buddhist art, as it offers a variety of items for sale, which are authentic and originate from a variety of countries, such as Burma, China, Japan, Laos and Thailand. From this gallery, you have the chance to acquire rare antique Buddhist art, which is sourced from private collections found worldwide. The gallery represents a true passion for Buddhist art and thus it is a premier re-seller of rare antique statuary representing Buddha. In order to make it easier for the customers to find a statue, sculpture or other item through the large collection of items available, www.buddha-gallery.com has divided its entire collection into more categories, which include the main ones:

- Bronze statues
- Alabaster statues
- Wooden statues
- Contemporary art

Browsing through the desired category allows you to focus your attention on the type of items that might interest you. As you can see by browsing through the available categories, the collections are filled with a variety of items from the Buddhist art, and they are well labelled in order to be easily to find and categorize. The items come from different time periods and also from different countries, but all of them are very beautiful, are authentic and antique. Also, most of the items that you will see displayed in this Gallery are one of a kind, which means they are very rare collectibles that any passionate about Buddhi