Donald Alois

Student in Andover, Massachusetts

Howdy, I’m Donald. I’m a student living in Andover, Massachusetts. I am a fan of sports, basketball, and sailing. I’m also interested in fitness and animals. You can hire me with a click on the button above.

I will graduate from Andover High School in 2018 after attending for four years. I will receive my diploma after having honors all four years.

I Hope to attend Providence College for five years and receive a Bachelor's degree and a Masters in Business management.

I am very extroverted and enjoy speaking and working with other people, in fact i work best while interacting with other people. I am interested in a career where i can make an impact right away with my good work ethic and my people skills, if you are interested in hiring me just click the "Hire me" tab at the top of the page.

Thanks for showing your interest.