Donald Budge

I am a San Francisco based writer focusing on fiction, journalism, and brand management with a background in wielding heavy HD cameras and seeing the sun rise in the editing lab. Usually I'm off finding the best chicken in town and/or getting my novel published.

The Future Voice of Your Company: Whether you're looking for that right flavor of panache, or that special cocktail of humor and information, I help companies and people find the right voice through writing and film to strengthen their brand while giving their readers all the right chills.

World Builder: Besides constructing worlds in my novel and short stories, I've also helped build the world of YallAboard by crafting over 50 deals and partnering with over 20 relevant companies through specially targeted e-mails and bi-weekly blog posts highlighting the right people and places. Before that, I was helping people refine their visions as a writer and editor at GrubStreet, one of the largest independent centers for creative writing in the United States.

Making Mom Proud: Winner of both the 2010 Blue Mesa Fiction Contest and the Abhrams Prize in Fiction. I was also nominated for the 2011 Pushcart Prize.

Adventure Journalism: Traveling to the most exotic hot-spots in New England and finally answering the questions "What's falconry like?" and "Is there really a place in Massachusetts where I can roll down a hill in a giant plastic sphere?" (the answer is yes)

Retired Arm Wrestling Ringer: Placed 2nd and 3rd in amatuer arm wrestling tournaments until that fateful day at my arch enemy's birthday party.

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