Donald Elias

Donald Elias

Don Elias teaches insurance & financial sector businesses how to enjoy long-term success and profits by creating raving fans and emotionally engaged employees. Having worked for large, medium, and small companies that taught him "traditional business methods" along with how to lose money and get shut down, Don co-founded ImageRight in 1992 with the mindset of identifying a better approach to building companies. With no venture capital or corporate debt, Don and his business partner took advantage of market timing, created the product and service leader in their industry, and after almost fifteen years of extremely strong growth, privately sold ImageRight in 2007.

A new approach to exploding growth

While Don continues to invest in software startups, his passion lies in sharing the power of the operations design methods they researched and stumbled upon while growing ImageRight. In an industry with entrenched ways of operating, they were determined to take a different tact in creating a culture worth working for and generate a client base that does the "selling." ImageRight became profitable from year one simply by focusing on customer service and employee development.

The missing elements

In his presentations to CEOs and user groups, Don used to explain that if you realized the two goals of creating raving fans and emotionally engaged employees, then the third goal of revenue and profit growth would take care of itself. In spite of the success that was proven by this approach, it doesn't explain enough of what really is required to constantly balance all the facets of growth that are not taught in business schools nor accepted by most "equity" funded businesses. Thus, Don added three more key sides to this system and conceived his Keynote and Workshop, "The RUBIK'S CUBE® of Creating Raving Fans." He knows first-hand that those who adopt all six techniques will be more profitable, have more fun in business, and cultivate future business leaders.

Rubik's® Cube used by permission of Seven Towns Ltd.