Donald Hagan

Consultant, Financial Advisor, and Businessman in Sarasota, FL

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Donald L. Hagan, LLC was founded in 2004 by Donald L. Hagan, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in Sarasota, FL. In 2006, he joined with Arthur S. Day and Linda S. Brown to form the entity we have today. The name changed to reflect the partnership, and we have been Day Hagan Asset Management (dba) ever since. Mr. Hagan began his investment career with Ned Davis Research (NDR) in 1988, while Mr. Day started in 1984 with Dean Witter Reynolds. Ms. Brown began her career in finance operations and administration in 1982 with Merrill Lynch.
The original partners founded the company around a very simple philosophy: clients first.

The firm’s investment process is centered upon tactical asset management. Day Hagan actively manages portfolios, believing that buy-and-hold strategies are no longer relevant. Our investing discipline is designed to reduce portfolio risk as economic indicators and fundamental indicators decline and increasing exposure as the equity environment improves.