Donald Housier

Director and Architect in Portland, Oregon

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Beaverton Cell Phone Repair


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Welcome to Beaverton Cell Phone Repair, where we provide you with the best service. We are a company that takes pride in its work and honest prices. Don't you hate it when you drop your phone or when it starts to malfunction You could say almost anyone who owns a phone uses it 24/7. Now imagine having to use a broken phone. That would get quite irritating. It would ruin your whole day, that day can turn into a week and then a month. That's why you should bring it in to us. We specialize in fixing smart phones and tablets. Bring your device to us and we will have it repaired in no time. Don't waste money on buying a brand new phone when we can repair it for a better price. You can rest assured that our repairs are genuine and will not falter unless something causes it to break again.

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Donald Housier

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515 NW Saltzman Rd. #661

Portland, OR 97229



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