Donald Juberg

Donald Juberg worked in the environmental health field for nearly three decades. Beginning his career in the United States Army, Mr. Juberg held the position of an Environmental Engineering Management Specialist. In this role, he examined the air and water quality in Landstuhl, Germany. While in the military, Donald Juberg participated in softball and javelin. Prior to his military service, he was javelin champion at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

After leaving the Army as a Sergeant, Donald Juberg began attending the University of Michigan School of Public Health to attain his Master’s degree in Public Health. He received the Gibson Memorial Fund award from this institution and graduated first in his class. Upon obtaining his Master’s degree, he commenced a 26-year career with The Upjohn Company. He served in several capacities during his term, including Analyst, Production Supervisor, Safety Supervisor, and Manufacturing Supervisor. He helped the company maintain superior safety records and meet or exceed its production schedules.

Following his tenure with The Upjohn Company, Donald Juberg became the Manager for the second-largest branch of the Intel Corporation, in Chandler, Arizona. Mr. Juberg supervised a staff of more than 25 people. He maintained this managerial position from 2000 to 2001.

During his employment with The Upjohn Company, Donald Juberg served as a Loaned Executive for the Greater Kalamazoo United Way. Currently, he makes charitable contributions to the American Cancer Society, Inc., and serves as a member of the National Association of Financial and Estate Planning.